Website of British Mensa South East England Region

Welcome to the website of the South East England region of Mensa, the high I.Q. society, in the British Isles.

SEMensa covers a wide area: the south east region of England, from the New Forest in the west to the tip of Kent in the east, and from the M4 corridor and the southern edge of the London Mensa region in the north to the English Channel coast (see About).
You can read about activities and events in the region in the monthly regional newsletter “SEMantics”.

This website is not protected by a login for members, so it does not itself give details of Mensa officers or events, although it does outline events listed for this month and next month.
Full details of events are given in the Mensa magazine What’s On pages, and there is (currently) a summary of places, times and organizer members for each event on page 6 of SEMantics each month.

This website does give links to pages on other Mensa websites including one for the page where, after logging in as a member, you can see information about forthcoming events. (See Links).

Note that, as of 20th July 2017, the South East region webmaster to contact from now with any questions about the content of this website is the SEMantics Editor (as shown on page 7 of issue 322) and not the previous webmaster named there, who has stepped down due to pressure of work but whom Mensa thanks for his contribution.